Lesson: 3 Fun with Fish


  1. For students to gain some knowledge about fish.
  2. For students to be able to recognize fish in the area.
  3. For students to be able to fish on their own with no major problems.


  1. Biology : Silver Burdett


  1. Fishing poles
  2. Tackle
  3. Fish license
  4. Fishing Net
  5. Life jackets
  6. First Aid Kit
  7. Water Bottles
  8. Bait

Age Appropriate: nine years old and older

Information for lesson:

The lateral line helps a fish find its way in the night.


  1. Explain to the kids how to cast a fishing pole. Describe the parts of the fishing pole.
  2. Practice casting in an open area with no trees.
  3. Gather kids and equipment and head out to the lake to fish for an hour. If we catch a fish (Letís cross our fingers that we do) we will go over the external anatomy of the fish.


We observed fish in nature and saw what they eat. Let us refresh our memories: fish eat other small fish, salamanders, frogs, and bugs.

***When fishing with children remember . . . be safe and prepared, always carry a first aid kit, make sure to purchase a fishing license, tackle, rod, and net, keep in mind catch and release laws, and be patient they are just kids! ***

This can be a three day lesson plan . . .

Day 1 : basic knowledge about fishing and fish, the different types of fish that you will be fishing for, and practice casting.

Day 2 : Fish with the kids

Day 3 : Fishing summary