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Our flight from Philadelphia was delayed by one hour but we still made it to Miami for our connecting flight to Salvador. Zipping through Miami International Airport is quite interesting with 45 people!

We arrived in Salvador Monday morning, quickly moved through customs and immigration (thanks to Carol Ouimet's help) and were greeted by the faculty and staff from Colégio Anchieta. After brief introductions, we boarded their bus and a van for Anchieta to relax. While the students relaxed, I visited a local music shop with my friend, Angelo Rafael (from Universidade Federal da Bahia) where we used donated funds to purchase an electronic piano for the José Carvalho Foundation in Salvador. With the piano, the foundation will be able to further develop their music program for disadvantaged youth. (The E-town entourage will visit the Foundation, meet and perform with some of the children, and present the gift on Thursday.)

After a few hours to rest, we met students from ISBA to rehearse for our joint-concert as well as an impromptu question-answer session. The evening ended with a wonderful concert!


Singing "Carinhoso" arranged by Maestro Cicero Alves for Concert Choir


Students from ISBA and E-town talk about life in USA vs. life in Brasil.


Jazz Band Brings the House Down!!


Vocal Technique with Dr. Fritz

Tuesday was a day for the students to visit the Old City and see some traditional Salvador. I'll post photos tomorrow (Wednesday) when we have a break in the afternoon (its been a LONG but great day!!).
Soon to come...
Wednesday: Wonderful raucous time with students from Anchieta. Surprisingly for Brazil, a party broke out...

Traveled to Grupo Anchieta São Paulo (elementary and middle school) for a concert and sharing time...


Welcome sign at Colégio São Paulo

Thursday: José Carvalho Foundation

On Friday, we visit NEOJOBA, another non-profit organization helping to bring music education to disadvantaged youth in one of Salvador's communities. While there, we will hear the youth play a mini-concert, donate an instrument to the program and begin to discuss ways in which E-town students can assist the project long-term through an instrument donation program.

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