Ongoing Research Projects (Works in Progress)

  • Public Art as Public Communication

    Accepted for presentation at the 2006 Arts in Society International conference in Scotland and awaiting publication in the International Journal of the Arts in Society, "Public Art in Corporate Spaces: Enhancing Corporate Environments and Employee Engagement" explores corporate art collections ­ and the exhibition/installation of art in corporate public spaces ­ as an artifact of corporate culture.

    According to the National Endowment for the Arts, public art projects commissioned by local communities give the community a common expression and identity. Concurrently, many corporations invest in corporate art collections and exhibit and install these artworks in public spaces in corporate facilities to enhance the work environment and as a corporate investment. This raises the question: Does art installed in the public spaces of corporate structures serve a similar purpose ­ to communicate to the corporationıs publics about the culture of the corporation? Additionally, what impact does this public art in corporate spaces have on employee engagement with the company?

    The purpose of this brief review is to address the impact of public art as a medium of communication in corporate spaces. In this paper, the principles of identification and image building that are part of civic public art projects are compared with public art projects in corporate spaces. Principles of employee engagement are compared to responses to corporate public art. Elements of public art as a medium of communication and the process of developing corporate art collections and the display of these in public spaces in corporate spaces are discussed.

  • Communicating Change

    The work of communicating change within an organization is shouldered by many organizational agents. Organizational communicators serve as internal and external boundary spanners for organizations and as such serve a strategic rolel in minor and major organizational change initiatives.

    Communication is the most cited (Whalen, 2001) variable for increasing the success of organizational change initiatives -- from corporate mergers to the implementation and acceptance of new technology.

    This work and resulting research papers is a joint initiative with Cooper Wright, a communication consultancy specializing in change communication. The research includes the documentation of projects with the CAO of the U.S. House of Representatives and work with private schools and county governments.

  • Media Literacy as a Cultural Artifact

    Media Literacy and International Issues is an ongoing project to review the impact that today's 24 hour media cycle has had on our understanding of international issues. Marshall McLuhanıs concept of the global village and ³the media is the message² are more accute today than ever before. Now more than ever to be a citizen of the world, we must understand the effects of the media on our world views.

  • New Media as a Cultural Artifact

    What are the implications for new media? This is a series of projects (some jointly written) address the implications of communication via Internet and World Wide Web sources. Articles have included: medicine, religion, and public art. Other topics pending include professional/trade associations and other social groups as well as the workplace.

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