W. Wesley McDonald

Political Science Department
Elizabethtown College
Office: Nicarry Hall, room 247
Office phone: 717-361-1306
Fax: 717-361-3688
E-mail: mcdonaldw@etown.edu

This page is under construction.  In fact, it will probably always be under construction. Home Pages, I have concluded, are never finished. Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated.

Special Announcement

Russell Kirk and the Age of Ideology, University of Missouri Press, published March 2004. A brief description of the book from the publisher's catalog can be found here . Purchase your copy now while copies last from Amazon.

Book Reviews:

The Chronicle of Higher Education May 7, 2004
Human Events
C-SPAN 2 Broadcast of book talk--click on "watch" to see streaming video of my presentation about my book
C-SPAN Store -- Purchase video of BookTV talk
The Washington Times

Web sites where book can be purchased or is cited:

Wal-Mart offers this book at a discount price.








More About Prof. McDonald


Political Philosophy and Legal Studies Major

A newly established major especially designed for students looking for a challenging college liberal arts experience. If you are considering either a law or post graduate education, then this major may be for you. For a brief description of the major and a checklist of required courses look here. Contact either Prof. McDonald (ex. 1306), or Prof. Matteo (ex.1346), Chairman, Department of Philosophy, to find out more about the majoring in political philosophy.

Other Items of Interest

  1. Murray, the Basset Hound--the newest addition to Paul and Mary Gottfried's home.
  2. A memorial site dedicated to Duncan (The World's Best Westie)
  3. Former Provost Rick Ritsch's Super Bowl Party, February 3, 2001. See pictures of former President Gerhart Spiegler and his wife and other learned and famous people here.
  4. Prof. McDonald and Alice Baumgart gave a 'brown bag" talk about their trip to New Zealand and Australia, Hershey Hall, Anneberg Center, February 28, 2001. Click here for more  information.
  5. Prof. Paul Gottfried's lecture on democracy at Franklin and Marshall College (April 3, 2001)--a picture gallery.
  6. Former Provost Frederick Ritsch's retirement party, March 17, 2001
    Pictures from party:
    Rick Ritsch cuts his retirement cake
    Rick Ritisch. David Brown and Bela Vassady, Chairman of Department of History
    Rick Ritisch and David Brown, Assistant Professor of History
    Food prepared by Alice Baumgart
  7. Sue Smith mugs for camera .
  8. International Study Centre, Herstmonceux Castle, UK Spend a semester at a real ghost invested castle. See Dr. McDonald for more details!
  9. The Russell Kirk Homepage A look at the life and work of one of America's greatest conservative thinkers.
  10. Interesting Government and Politics Web Sites
  11. Links to Conservative Web Sites Lots of conservative web sites, including the GOP, Libertarians, Paleo-cons, Rush Limbaugh, Sam Francis, the Heritage Foundation, and many others!
  12. The Southern League Web Site The reason why the South shall rise again. If you are unrepetant Confederate, check this site out. Not for the politically correct.
  13. The Shroud of Turin Latest scientific information on one of history's most mysterious religious relic. Fantastic photographs!

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