History/Timeline of the Susquehannock Indians


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Migrate to the Susquehanna Valley from the north -- 1550


Susquehannock forced south by the Iroquois into the lower Susquehanna Valley -- 1570


Major defeat on the Mohawk shortly before 1600


The first European contact with the Susquehannock. Captain John Smith explored northern end of Chesapeake Bay -- 1608


Susquehannock attacked the Potomac (Powhatan) villages in northern Virginia -- 1610


Susquehannock becomes an important trading partner with all of the competing European powers - an achievement unmatched by any other tribe -- 1615


The Susquehannock extended their dominion south from the Susquehanna to the Potomac River and claim the area in between as hunting territory -- 1625


the governor of Maryland had declared the Susquehannock as enemies of the colony. Trade with the English temporarily sputtered to a halt -- 1642 the Susquehannock ended their hostilities with Maryland and signed a treaty -- 1645


The Beaver Wars. Susquehannock were a major participant (1630-1700)


End of Susquehannock fight as Huron allies -- winter of 1648-49.


Susquehannock entered the war against the Iroquois/Mohawks 1650


Smallpox hit their villages, but this affected the Mohawk as much as the Susquehannock and slowed the fighting -- 1654

Susquehannock pushed down to the eastern branch of the Susquehanna River -- 1656

Susquehannock forced to ask the Mohawk for peace. Mohawk agreed in 1656

Smallpox epidemic during war wish Shawnee -- 1661

With English help, the Susquehannock were able to turn back a major Iroquois invasion -- 1663

Susquehannock down to 300 warriors and were forced to ask the Iroquois for peace -- 1669

Iroquois defeat the Susquehannock -- 1675

Susquehannock surrender to the Iroquois -- 1676

Iroquois allowe 300 Susquehannock to return to Susquehanna Valley in Pennsylvania --1706

Only 20 members (all Christians) of this last identifiable group of the Susquehannock -- 1763