John P. Ranck 
Professor of Chemistry


B. S. (magna cum laude), Elizabethtown College, 1958
M. A., Princeton University, 1960
Ph. D., Princeton University, 1962


Upsala College, 1962-63
Elizabethtown College, 1963 - present
Post-doctoral, University of California (Berkeley), 1964
Research Guest, H. C. Oersted Inst., University of Copenhagen, 1970-71, 1994


I relinquished my regular teaching duties at the end of the 2001-2002 academic year. During the fall semester 2002, I directed Elizabethtown's Copenhagen Semester in Chemistry (on site), teaching Quantum Theory in Denmark's International Studies program of the University of Copenhagen, and engaging in some research with old friends at the Ørsted Institute.  For the next few years, I shall teach X-ray diffraction, laser spectroscopy, and quantum philosophy (in some else’s cours, thank you) and devote nearly full-time to the MoleCVUE Project


Musser Hall 222
717-361-1394 (FAX)