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Professor Wayne Selcher with
                  Elizabethtown College students and faculty on the
                  Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, March 2006
Professor Wayne A. Selcher with Elizabethtown College students,
 faculty, and staff on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, March 2006
Dr. Wayne A. Selcher
Professor of International Studies Emeritus,
adjunct professor, Brazilianist, and cybrarian

Department of Politics, Philosophy, and Legal Studies
Nicarry Hall 242
Elizabethtown College
One Alpha Drive
Elizabethtown, PA 17022

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 "A gaffe is when a politician tells the truth." -- Michael Kinsley

“If you think human beings are always rational, it becomes impossible to explain at least half of history.”
-- Thomas Sowell
"Worldviews are more a mental security blanket than a serious effort to understand the world." -- Bryan Caplan, The Logic of Collective Belief.
     After over 38 years of service, I retired from full-time teaching at Elizabethtown College in May 2007. I continue to maintain my WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources, teach and lecture occasionally as an adjunct professor, and help advance the College's international connections. On this website you will find syllabi in PDF for the courses that I teach, a class and office schedule, guides for the use of Internet sources in international studies, and information about and pictures from our nine Spring Break field trips to Ecuador and Costa Rica from 1998 to 2008.
Available for free download in PDF:
E. Fletcher McClellan, Wayne A. Selcher & Oya Dursun-Ozkanca (2012): "Internationalizing General Education: The First-Year Seminar on Political Self-Determination and Internet-Based Political Research," Journal of Information Technology & Politics, 9:2, 150-166. (Pages 154 to 160 provide tips for academic Internet use.)
2. My article “Use of Internet Sources in International Studies Teaching and Research” from International Studies Perspectives, Vol. 6 (May 2005), 174-189.

3. My Internet research guide for American Foreign Policy.

Information about Previous Spring Break Trips to Ecuador and Costa Rica

Information on the Spring Break
2007 Trip to Ecuador
Photos from Ecuador and Costa Rica Spring Break Trips, 1998 to 2008
Information on the Spring Break
2008 Trip to Costa Rica
Course Syllabi in PDF, Class and Office Schedule, and Links to Online Resources

 Spring Semester 2014 Schedule
PS 150 B
Comparative Politics

Spring 2014
PS 345
American Foreign Policy

Fall 2010
PS 345 Foreign Policy
Issue Brief Assignment

Fall 2010

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Experience, and Publications
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