W. Mark Stuckey, PhD   •   Professor of Physics   •   Department of Engineering & Physics   •   Elizabethtown College   •   Elizabethtown, PA 17022-2298
office: (717) 361-1436   •   fax: (717) 361-1176   •   email: stuckeym@etown.edu

Dr. Stuckey's CV

BS in physics from Wright State University, June 1983. Graduated Magna Cum Laude with Honors in Physics. Inducted into Sigma Pi Sigma. Honors thesis title: Interaction of Dislocation Lines with Point Defects in Pure Copper.

MS & PhD in physics from the University of Cincinnati, December 1984 & December 1987. PhD thesis title: The Dynamics of Mixmaster Type Vacuum Universes with Spacetime Geometries R x S3 x S3 and R x S3 x S3 x S3.


September 1981 - August 1983: Taught introductory physics labs for all majors at Wright State University. Rank: Undergraduate teaching assistant.

September 1983 - June 1987: Taught introductory physics labs and recitations for all majors at the University of Cincinnati. Rank: Graduate teaching assistant.

June 1987 - July 1987: Taught an introductory physics lecture for life-science majors (trigonometry-based) at Wright State University. Rank: Instructor.

September 1987 - July 1988: Taught introductory physics lecture for scientists and engineers (calculus-based) at the University of Dayton. Rank: Assistant professor.

August 1988 - present: Teach physics and philosophy at all levels for science and non-science majors at Elizabethtown College. Rank: Professor.