2008 Italy Pictures

2008 Trento, Roverto, Venice, Verona

Morano (an island next to Venice) Glass-Blowing Videos:

We spent two nights in Venice:



PUBLICATION: Coleman, D. and Wunderlich, J.T. (2008). O3: an optimal and opportunistic
path planner (with obstacle avoidance) using voronoi polygons.
In Proceedings of IEEE the 10th international
Workshop on Advanced Motion Control, Trento, Italy.
vol. 1, (pp. 371-376). Pisticataway, NJ: IEEE Press.

Presentation in Trento by David Coleman, Etown Computer Engineering student

Trento Videos:
David Coleman has been encouraged to submit an application for Ph.D. studies in Engineering
at the University of Trento, and Dr. Wunderlich has an invitation to return to the University of Trento
as a Visiting Professor of Engineering

(Engineering School is on top of the hill):

A Japanese professor and his student where extended the same offer.
All four of us were given a tour of the University of Trento Engineering Research Labs
which included impressive mobile robot and robotic arm projects as well as sophisticated
structural and mechanical research -- including an apparatus scheduled for launch into space.

To save money, we stayed in Rovereto (and commuted by train to Trento):


Travel Advice: Always attempt to avoid touristy areas and try to meet the local people.
And try your best to speak their language.
(see: " MY ITALIAN " )

All photographs taken by   J. Wunderlich and D. Coleman.
All rights reserved.