My Recent Architecture

For the past 20+ years I've been a Computer Engineer (including two neurocomputer designs and partial design of an IBM supercomputer operating system) . However, prior to that I had 10+ years of dedicated Architectural Engineering and Environmental Design experience including a BS in Architectural Engineering (U.Texas 1984), 39 credits towards a 2nd degree in Urban Planning (Environmental Design) from the University of California at San Diego, Project Director experience for ~$70M of architectural projects in Texas, California, and Pennsylvania, one year as a Environmental Planner (part-time) for San Diego County, and a one year in a San Francisco engineering consulting firm (including earning two EPA certifications). Most recently I led the design of the new Elizabethtown College Sustainable Design Engineering concentration, and am presently preparing for the LEED GA exam. Some of my Design Work over the past 10 years includes:

My house and land in 2001; And my partial architectural model:

Some of my preliminary designs:

Choosen design (minus balcony and attic dormer):

2012 LEED academic analysys of this project -- for students
in my EGR434 EGR343 "Green Architectural Engineering course:
(LEED2009 intentially used even though residential)

Before and After pictures:


Joseph, Anna, and their dad enjoy working with their hands; we dug the foundation with a shovel, layed 450 blocks,
and hammered over 15,000 nails.
The only thing contracted was the roof shingles, plus ~50 hours of laborer help (of the over 3500 total man-hours so far)
        Dax Kepshire CENGR 04 (in return for Robotics tutoring and minimum wage)
        Granpa John (just for fun)

Views out new windows.

And now to marry the new with the old. Preserving the best of the past while creating the new:

House and barn play area:

See also my wife Karla's and my 212 tree planting project.
(Karla planted them after we dug holes with a two-man auger)