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In the video, Madi talks about her experience with the Geneva study tour. She is on a train from Zurich to Geneva. May 2019

What do we do in Geneva?

We attend briefing sessions at the United Nations and a number of NGOs. Most of these briefings occur in the morning and afternoon, with evenings largely free for exploring the city of Geneva. AND—we travel to Germany for 2 days.

Can I earn course credit for the study tour?

Yes. The study tour is an integral part of EC280 International Organizations Seminar. The course is offered in the spring semester, and meets once a week on Mondays, 11:00am — 12:15pm.

The course may serve as an elective for:

  • economics major
  • financial economics major
  • economics minor
  • business administration minor
  • international studies minor
  • business administration major with economics concentration
  • international business major with economics concentration

Who can join the study tour?

The course is open to all majors and classes (freshmen to seniors). What is necessary is a keen interest in global issues, and a desire to travel and make friends abroad.

How much does the program cost?

The program fee for the 2023 study tour is to be finalized; however, for Elizabethtown College students in recent years, the fee has been $2,000, which includes airfare (US to Geneva round-trip), lodging in Geneva, travel within Geneva, and round-trip train fare from Geneva to Konstanz, Germany. Lodging in Konstanz is also covered. Other expenses— food, entertainment, gifts, etc.—are the student's responsibility.

NOTE: We are no longer accepting applications for the 2023 study tour; the program and participants are in place. If you are interested in hosting German students on campus in September 2023, or in the 2024 Geneva study tour, contact Sanjay Paul.

Elizabethtown students with German friends in Konstanz

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