2003 Drawing

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Dr. Joseph Wunderlich

Lab Director and Club/IGVC Advisor

Robotics and Machine Intelligence Lab

Elizabethtown College

One Alpha Drive

Elizabethtown, PA 17022


Phone: 717-361-1295

Email: wunderjt@etown.edu


How to get involved:

Traditionally students begin participating by creating a “thread of research” (via semester projects) through Dr. Wunderlich’s courses; however you can also join the affiliated RMI club (see charter), which is focused on the international IGVC robotics competition, by going to the current Wunderbot site and contacting club officers.


2007  Drawing

Elizabethtown College

Intelligent Machines to Benefit Humanity

Robotics and Machine Intelligence Lab

Founded in 1999 by Dr. Joseph Wunderlich (as a virtual lab), over 150 students have participated. Projects include the Wunderbot series (0,I,II,III,IV) -- with II, III, and IV competing nationally. Other projects have led to student presentations in Japan, Jamaica, and Italy. See List of all Student Projects. New lab space in 2008: