ARCHITECTURE and SUSTAINABILITY that Dr. Wunderlich has been recently involved with

BS Engineering Program
in Sustainable Design
Architectural Studies
CheckSheet and
Sample 4-Year plans
Spring 2014 Mobile Wellness Center Design Competition (Announcement); Over $5000 in awards given -- see: PDF PPT
Wunderlich recent
residential architecture
2014 Art280
Skyscrapers Lecture
with pictures of some of my
commercial work
2014 Art280
Mansions Lecture

Wunderlich study of
Italian Architecture
Wunderlich study
of Japanese Architecture
EGR280 "Engineering Research"
using Revit software
( Engineering Shop Extension -- "Fabrication Lab" )
EGR343 "Green Architectural Engineering"
using Revit software to design
LEED projects
EGR280 "Engineering Research" and
FYS100 "Conceptual Architecture" using
Rhinoceros and Flamingo software
Annual Sustainability Symposium
2013 2014
Hydroponic Gardens
(by Sean Flanagan)
Our Minecraft architectural server